Kate Erne Established in early 2015 we are an Adelaide based organisation with tractability to operate in rural areas and in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth.

Through our Community courses we are committed to increasing general knowledge and literacy of mental health to reduce stigma and to enable people to help colleagues and associates within their workplace or loved ones who are developing a mental health problem or who are in crises to get appropriate professional help promptly.

Similarly our Tailored Workplace and Job-ready courses focus on the importance of keeping a positive workplace culture and maintaining good health and well-being.

To achieve this we are dedicated to getting results. And we do.

 As a compassionate organisation with an experienced mental health workplace training educator ready to travel to your organisations work site or to greet you at a Community Course we are strategically positioned to serve our clients. As it is our belief is to promote the recovery of Mental Health issues not its incapacity.

In brief, we train staff and members of the public and equip them with the necessary skills to recognise when someone is developing a mental health illness or who are in crises. We help them know what to say, and what to do next.

"..This training is helpful to every person regardless of their role within an organisation.."

Likewise, in implementing our Tailored Workplace courses we prepare Managers and Leaders to get their teams back on track and maintain sustainable performance levels whilst at the same time maintaining a positive healthy workplace environment.

Together with the support of a Job Network Provider and through the participation of CATES job-ready courses clients can gain much confidence in job seeking skills and reaching their employment goals.

Students can also better prepare themselves by reducing their stress levels leading up to exam times by accessing CATES Resilience building and Surviving Year 12 course.


What CATES Training delivers for You:

      Welcoming, compassion and integrity


      A safe learning environment


      Evidenced and researched based training


      Workplace training (Your Organisation)


      Base site training – Next Generation Club

– excellent training facilities


      Presenters with lived experience of Mental

Illness and Recovery


      Qualified Presenters of Mental Health &

Related Service Providers

MOSH, CARA, SANDAS, UCWPA, BIA  and Diamond ClubHouse and more

      Active and engaging trainer – to prevent

yawning and fatigue


       Evidence based, best practice approaches

that foster recovery and high performance

for study and the workplace


       Increased self-esteem and confidence


       Delivering a range of programs and

services for people affected by mental

illness, carers and the community.


       Professional presenters for all Courses.